• Skills

    How to Build A Wilderness Stretcher

    On a recent trip to hike the Overland Track in Tasmania I was presented with an opportunity to use the skills that I had learned in a Wilderness First Aid course that I completed in [...]
  • Hiking Gear

    Get Your Mountain Shit Together

    In this post we cover the major mistakes that make trekkers inefficient, slow and sick. Follow these tips and give yourself the best chance of trekking success! Scenario A Hi, I’m Chase. That’s me in [...]
  • Fitness

    Planning Your Training for Best Results

    A guide on how to plan your sessions and avoid over training Words by Tori Hadley – Base Camp Head Coach Consider this law of the universe: Everything in our life is in constant change, [...]
  • Hiking gear
    Hiking Gear

    How to buy the right hiking gear for your trek

    So, you’ve made the decision to go on a trek, something like Annapurna Circuit, Kilimanjaro or Everest Base Camp! And perhaps it’s your first time in the big mountains, and that can be confronting right? [...]


Hiking Gear

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