How to Build A Wilderness Stretcher

March 24, 2016

On a recent trip to hike the Overland Track in Tasmania I was presented with an opportunity to use the skills that I had learned in a Wilderness First Aid course that I completed in […]

How to avoid blisters by tying your laces

November 6, 2015

This video shows you one technique that may prevent you from getting blisters ever again. It’s easy and you can do it right now! If you’re going down hill and your feet are rubbing on […]

How to use hiking poles

October 15, 2015

Watch this instructional video to learn how to use Hiking Poles to your advantage, not to your disadvantage like most people do!

5 ways to ruin your trekking holiday

October 6, 2015

If you’re not an experienced trekker and you’re setting out on your first serious trekking holiday then there are some things you must know. This post outlines 5 common mistakes, (otherwise know as lessons you […]