How to avoid blisters by tying your laces

Tying your laces correctly

This video shows you one technique that may prevent you from getting blisters ever again. It’s easy and you can do it right now!

If you’re going down hill and your feet are rubbing on the toe box try this lace tying technique to lock your heel into the backside of the boot.

Surgeon knot
1. Stomp your heel on the ground, so it is as far back in your hiking boot as possible.
2. Tie the laces so they are comfortable – snug but not tight.
3. Perform your normal over hand knot that you would regularly do.
4. Add another loop, than tighten it so it locks.
5. Thread your laces through the upper loops, and perform two over hand knots to lock that section of your foot in.
6. Cross over the top ankle loops or do a box tie off (thread laces through the loops directly above with no crossover).
7. Finish off with your normal knot.


The first section provides a good heel lock which means the toe won’t be moving forward towards the end of the hiking boot.

The box tie off enables foot flexion which is often more comfortable when going up hill.

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