How to layer clothes to maximise warmth

Supercharge your downjacket

Layer clothes to maximise warmth

Not all layering is made equal. If you don’t layer correctly it can actually make you colder!

It’s important to plan your clothing and know how to layer your clothes to maximise warmth before you head into the cold climate.

In this video, we explain how to correctly layer underneath your down jacket.


How to supercharge your Down Jacket

Aim: Reflect your body heat and trap it so it keeps your body warm.

Good layering
Layer 1: Wear polypropylene or merino wool. These fabrics allow heat to transfer from this layer to the down jacket and back, maximising the warmth.
Layer 2: Down Jacket
Layer 3: Gortex Jacket (if required)

Bad Layering
Wearing fleece under your down jacket. Fleece traps heat and reflects it back to your body. This means you’re only as warm as your first layer and the Down Jacket isn’t able to keep you warm.

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