Mountain Conversations: Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp

Mountain conversations is our debrief after a trek with clients. It’s a chance for them to tell their story, how they felt, how the training helped, what went wrong and right on the trek with weather, clothing and gear.

Meet Louise.

“In a nutshell, it was an absolute adventure getting to Everest Base Camp. Getting sick on day four, I had to draw upon strength I didn’t realise I had, both mentally and physically over the next seven days to arrive at EBC.

Without Chase’s tailored training, my legs may not have even gotten me there! PT with Chase would not be described as easy, but when walking days on end I would think of the sessions and his advice and I can only be proud of what I have achieved. I’ve done copious lunge variations, block runs, core exercises and rock wall climbs to challenge myself and repeated mantras preparing me for suspension bridges.

Everyone you meet has amazing stories to tell and they’re training to make future memories on mountains and peaks across the globe and lots of handy hints are always shared (the ones you’ll never find on an online blog).

My advice for future Base Campers… never underestimate the power of squats and self-belief, it’s a powerful combination! I’ll never let myself say “I Can’t” ever again. Thanks Chase for helping me to achieve my dream! – Louise Steele

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