Rebuilding Debuche after Nepal earthquake

Rebuilding nepal

When the first earthquake struck Nepal I was on the South East Ridge of a mountain named Ama Dablam.

On our return to Kathmandu, I passed through a village that was badly damaged by the first major quake, the name of this village is Debuche. I was very sad to realise that major aid efforts had not, and still have not yet reached the area and was unlikely to in the near future.

In Debuche I was witness to an entire village of elderly nuns and monks, unable to rebuild their own lodgings, some of which were ancient, over 300 years old. The residents of this town now live in tents, unable to rebuild or even enter their place of worship.

In July 2015 our community held a Trivia Night in Brisbane, Australia, which raised A$6500 for the Village of Debuche in the Khumbu Region.

In October 2015 our Base Camp Team returned to Nepal to climb Larkya Peak and gave the donation to the village leaders. This is what happened….

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